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Instruments affecting the title to land, filed with the registrar, shall be numbered by the registrar consecutively, to the extent practicable and the registrar shall endorse upon each instrument over the registrar's official name, OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR OF TITLES, ... COUNTY, MINNESOTA, CERTIFIED FILED ON, together with the date, hour, and minute when the instrument is filed, the document number thereof, and a reference to the proper certificate of title. Instruments shall be copied or reproduced as provided by section 15.17, as amended. Instruments shall then be returned in person or by mail to the party who presented the instruments for filing or to any other party to whom the registrar is directed to deliver the instruments. When the memorial of any instrument is made upon any certificate, the date, number, and time of filing thereof shall also be endorsed upon the certificate. All records and papers relating to registered land in the office of the registrar, shall be open to the inspection of the public at such times and under such conditions as the court may prescribe. Duplicates of all instruments, voluntary or involuntary, filed and registered with the registrar, may be presented with the originals, and shall thereupon be endorsed with the file number, and other memoranda on the originals, and may be attested and sealed by the registrar, and returned to the person presenting the same. The registrar shall furnish certified copies of the instruments filed and registered in the registrar's office, upon payment of a fee as provided in section 508.82.

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