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Subdivision 1.Adoption.

The design of the state flag proposed by the Legislative Interim Commission acting under Laws 1955, chapter 632, is adopted as the official state flag.

Subd. 2.Photograph.

The secretary of state shall file a photograph of the state flag. The secretary shall also retain custodial control over the sample design flag of the commission for use by the public for copies.

Subd. 3.Description.

The design of the flag shall conform substantially to the following description: The staff is surmounted by a bronze eagle with outspread wings; the flag is rectangular in shape and is on a medium blue background with a narrow gold border and a golden fringe. A circular emblem is contained in the center of the blue field. The circular emblem is on a general white background with a yellow border. The word MINNESOTA is inscribed in red lettering on the lower part of the white field. The white emblem background surrounding a center design contains 19 five pointed stars arranged symmetrically in four groups of four stars each and one group of three stars. The latter group is in the upper part of the center circular white emblem. The group of stars at the top in the white emblem consists of three stars of which the uppermost star is the largest and represents the North Star. A center design is contained on the white emblem and is made up of the scenes from the great seal of the state of Minnesota, surrounded by a border of intertwining Cypripedium reginae, the state flower, on a blue field of the same color as the general flag background. The flower border design contains the figures 1819, 1858, 1893.

The coloring is the same on both sides of the flag, but the lettering and the figures appear reversed on one side.

Subd. 4.Official flag.

The flag described above is the official flag of the state of Minnesota.

Subd. 5.Hours of flying.

The official state flag shall be flown on the State Capitol grounds at all times between sunrise and sunset.

Subd. 6.Folding of the state flag for presentation or display.

The following procedures constitute the proper way to fold the Minnesota State Flag for presentation or display. Fold the flag four times lengthwise so that one section displays the three stars of the state crest and the text "L'Etoile du Nord." Fold each side behind the displayed section at a 90-degree angle so that the display section forms a triangle. Take the section ending with the hoist and fold it at a 90-degree angle across the bottom of the display section and then fold the hoist back over so it is aligned with the middle of the display section. Fold the other protruding section directly upwards so that its edge is flush with the display section and then fold it upwards along a 45-degree angle so that a mirror of the display section triangle is formed. Fold the mirror section in half from the point upwards, then fold the remaining portion upwards, tucking it between the display section and the remainder of the flag.

Subd. 7.Folding of the state flag for storage.

When folding the Minnesota State Flag for storage, the proper procedure is to fold and store the flag in the same manner as the national colors.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes