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60A.14 FEES.

Subdivision 1.Fees other than examination fees.

In addition to the fees and charges provided for examinations, the following fees must be paid to the commissioner for deposit in the general fund:

(a) by township mutual fire insurance companies;

(1) for filing certificate of incorporation $25 and amendments thereto, $10;

(2) for filing annual statements, $15;

(3) for each annual certificate of authority, $15;

(4) for filing bylaws $25 and amendments thereto, $10;

(b) by other domestic and foreign companies including fraternals and reciprocal exchanges;

(1) for filing an application for an initial certification of authority to be admitted to transact business in this state, $1,500;

(2) for filing certified copy of certificate of articles of incorporation, $100;

(3) for filing annual statement, $225;

(4) for filing certified copy of amendment to certificate or articles of incorporation, $100;

(5) for filing bylaws, $75 or amendments thereto, $75;

(6) for each company's certificate of authority, $575, annually;

(c) the following general fees apply:

(1) for each certificate, including certified copy of certificate of authority, renewal, valuation of life policies, corporate condition or qualification, $25;

(2) for each copy of paper on file in the commissioner's office 50 cents per page, and $2.50 for certifying the same;

(3) for license to procure insurance in unadmitted foreign companies, $575;

(4) for valuing the policies of life insurance companies, one cent per $1,000 of insurance so valued, provided that the fee shall not exceed $13,000 per year for any company. The commissioner may, in lieu of a valuation of the policies of any foreign life insurance company admitted, or applying for admission, to do business in this state, accept a certificate of valuation from the company's own actuary or from the commissioner of insurance of the state or territory in which the company is domiciled;

(5) for receiving and filing certificates of policies by the company's actuary, or by the commissioner of insurance of any other state or territory, $50;

(6) for each appointment of an agent filed with the commissioner, $10;

(7) for filing forms, rates, and compliance certifications under section 60A.315, $140 per filing, or $125 per filing when submitted via electronic filing system. Filing fees may be paid on a quarterly basis in response to an invoice. Billing and payment may be made electronically;

(8) for annual renewal of surplus lines insurer license, $300.

The commissioner shall adopt rules to define filings that are subject to a fee.

Subd. 2.Retaliatory provisions.

When, by the laws of any other state or nation, any fines, penalties, licenses, or fees additional to, or in excess of, those imposed by this section upon foreign insurance companies and their agents, are imposed upon insurance companies of this state or their agents doing business in such state, the same fines, penalties, licenses, and fees shall be imposed upon all insurance companies of that state and their agents doing business in this state, so long as such laws of such other state remain in force. This subdivision does not apply to agent appointment fees required under subdivision 1, clause (6).

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