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Subdivision 1.Separation from active service; exception.

(a) No service pension is payable to a person while the person remains an active member of the respective fire department, and a person who is receiving a service pension is not entitled to receive any other benefits from the special fund of the relief association.

(b) No relief association as defined in section 424A.001, subdivision 4, may pay a service pension or disability benefit to a former member of the relief association if that person has not separated from active service with the fire department to which the relief association is directly associated, unless:

(1) the person is employed subsequent to retirement by the municipality or the independent nonprofit firefighting corporation, whichever applies, to perform duties within the municipal fire department or corporation on a full-time basis;

(2) the governing body of the municipality or of the corporation has filed its determination with the board of trustees of the relief association that the person's experience with and service to the fire department in that person's full-time capacity would be difficult to replace; and

(3) the bylaws of the relief association were amended to provide for the payment of a service pension or disability benefit for such full-time employees.

Subd. 2.No assignment or garnishment.

A service pension or ancillary benefits paid or payable from the special fund of a relief association to any person receiving or entitled to receive a service pension or ancillary benefits is not subject to garnishment, judgment, execution, or other legal process, except as provided in section 518.58, 518.581, or 518A.53. No person entitled to a service pension or ancillary benefits from the special fund of a relief association may assign any service pension or ancillary benefit payments, and the association does not have the authority to recognize any assignment or pay over any sum which has been assigned.

Subd. 3.Purchase of annuity contract.

A relief association that provides a service pension in a single payment, if the governing articles of incorporation or bylaws so provide, may purchase an annuity contract on behalf of a retiring member in an amount equal to the service pension otherwise payable at the request of the person and in place of a direct payment to the person. The annuity contract must be purchased from an insurance carrier licensed to do business in this state.

Subd. 4.Transfer to individual retirement account.

A relief association that is a qualified pension plan under section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended, and that provides a single payment service pension, at the written request of the applicable retiring member or, following the death of the active member, at the written request of the deceased member's surviving spouse, may directly transfer on an institution-to-institution basis the eligible member's lump-sum pension or the death or survivor benefit attributable to the member, whichever applies, to the requesting person's individual retirement account under section 408(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended.

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