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(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, a person may maintain an action under this chapter on the person's own account and that of the state if money, property, or services provided by the state are involved; the person's own account and that of a political subdivision if money, property, or services provided by the political subdivision are involved; or on the person's own account and that of both the state and a political subdivision if both are involved. After an action is commenced, it may be voluntarily dismissed only if the court and the prosecuting attorney give written consent to the dismissal and their reasons for consenting.

(b) If an action is brought under this section, no other person may bring another action under this section based on the same facts that are the subject of the pending action.

(c) An action may not be maintained under this section:

(1) against the state, the legislature, the judiciary, the executive branch, or a political subdivision, or respective officers, members, or employees;

(2) if the action is based upon allegations or transactions that are the subject of a civil action or an administrative proceeding for a monetary penalty to which the state or a political subdivision is already a party; or

(3) unless the action is brought by an original source of the information or the prosecuting attorney initiates or intervenes in the action, if the action is based upon the public disclosure of allegations or transactions: (i) in a criminal, civil, or administrative hearing; (ii) in an investigation, report, hearing, or audit conducted by or at the request of the house of representatives or the senate; (iii) by an auditor or the governing body of a political subdivision; or (iv) by the news media.

(d) A complaint in an action under this section must be commenced by filing the complaint with the court in chambers and the court must place it under seal for at least 60 days. No service may be made upon the defendant until the complaint is unsealed.

(e) If a complaint is filed under this section, the plaintiff shall serve a copy of the complaint on the prosecuting attorney in accordance with the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure and at the same time shall serve a written disclosure of all material evidence and information the plaintiff possesses.

NOTE: This section, as added by Laws 2009, chapter 101, article 2, section 28, is effective July 1, 2010. Laws 2009, chapter 101, article 2, section 28, the effective date.

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