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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Subdivision 1.Addition of members.

The membership of state boards, commissions, advisory councils, task forces, or committees listed in subdivision 2 that have more than three public members shall include at least one member, 60 years of age or over. For purposes of this section, a public member is a person who is not a representative of a specified business, occupation, industry, political subdivision, organization, or other grouping of persons other than geographical regions. At least one of the members over 60 shall not be actively engaged in or retired from an occupation, profession, or industry, if any, to be regulated.

Subd. 2.Bodies affected.

A member meeting the qualifications in subdivision 1 must be appointed to the following boards, commissions, advisory councils, task forces, or committees:

(1) Advisory Council on Battered Women and Domestic Abuse;

(2) Advisory Task Force on the Use of State Facilities;

(3) Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Advisory Council;

(4) Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators;

(5) Board on Aging;

(6) Chiropractic Examiners Board;

(7) Council on Disability;

(8) Council on Affairs of Chicano/Latino People;

(9) Council on Black Minnesotans;

(10) Dentistry Board;

(11) Minnesota Office of Higher Education;

(12) Housing Finance Agency;

(13) Indian Advisory Council on Chemical Dependency;

(14) Medical Practice Board;

(15) Minnesota State Arts Board;

(16) Nursing Board;

(17) Optometry Board;

(18) Pharmacy Board;

(19) Board of Physical Therapy;

(20) Podiatry Board;

(21) Psychology Board.