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Subdivision 1.Application.

The definitions in this section apply to sections 116J.987 to 116J.990.

Subd. 2.Board.

"Board" means the Board of Invention.

Subd. 3.Commercial invention.

"Commercial invention" means new and useful processes, machines, manufacturing procedures, or any new and useful improvements or applications of commercial inventions, regardless of whether or not the invention is patentable.

Subd. 4.Invention.

"Invention" means creative activity resulting in new and potentially useful and applied products or ideas of commercial and social merit. Invention includes commercial and social inventions.

Subd. 5.Social invention.

"Social invention" means new procedures, new uses for known procedures, and organizations that change the way in which people relate to their environment or to each other.


1993 c 369 s 50