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Each judge, by duplicate orders filed with the court administrator and county auditor of the several counties of the judge's district, may appoint a competent stenographer as reporter of the court, to hold office during the judge's pleasure, and to act as the judge's secretary in all matters pertaining to official duties. Such reporter shall give bond to the state in the sum of $2,000, to be approved by the appointing judge, conditioned for the faithful and impartial discharge of all the reporter's duties, which bond, with the oath of office, shall be filed with the court administrator in the county in which the judge resides.

Whenever the official reporter so appointed, because of sickness or physical disability, is temporarily unable to perform duties, the judge of the court affected may, if another official court reporter is not available, secure for the temporary period of disability of the official court reporter, another competent reporter to perform such duties for not to exceed 60 days in any calendar year. The substitute court reporter so appointed shall receive as salary an amount equal to the salary of the official court reporter for the period of time involved and shall also receive in addition thereto expenses and fees provided by sections 486.05 and 486.06. The salary of such substitute reporter shall be paid in the manner now provided by law for the payment of the salary of the official court reporter. The substitute court reporter shall not be required to furnish bond, unless ordered by the judge to do so. The employment of and the compensation paid to such substitute reporter shall in no way affect or prejudice the employment of and the compensation paid to the official court reporter of said court.

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