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Subdivision 1.Establishment.

There is hereby established a military judge system for the state military forces. The military judge system shall be in the Military Department under the command of the adjutant general. It shall consist of at least two military judges, a number of legal clerks equal to the number of judges and such additional military staff as is necessary.

Subd. 2.Qualifications of military judge.

A military judge shall be a commissioned officer of the state military forces who has been a member of the bar of this state for at least six years, who has served as a member of the Judge Advocate Generals Corps for not less than three years, and who is certified to be qualified for such duty by the state judge advocate.

Subd. 3.Detail.

A military judge must be detailed to all courts-martial and be designated by the adjutant general, or the adjutant general's designee, for detail by the convening authority.

Subd. 4.Conflicts of interest.

No person is eligible to act as a military judge in a case if that person is the accuser or a witness for the prosecution or has acted as investigating officer or counsel in the same case.

Subd. 5.Limitations.

The military judge of a general or special court-martial may not consult with the members of the court except in the presence of the accused, trial counsel, and defense counsel, if any, nor may the military judge vote with the members of the court.