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Subdivision 1.Scope.

The sections referred to in subdivisions 2 to 6 are codified outside chapter 13. Those sections classify labor and industry data as other than public, place restrictions on access to government data, or involve data sharing.

Subd. 2.Department of Labor and Industry.

(a) Workers' Compensation Division. Disclosure of proceedings of the Workers' Compensation Division is governed by section 175.10.

(b) Computer access to data. Computer access to and electronic data interchange of data maintained by the Department of Labor and Industry are governed by section 175.171.

(c) Reporters. Disclosure of the names of certain persons supplying information to the Department of Labor and Industry is prohibited by sections 175.24 and 175.27.

Subd. 3.Workers' compensation.

(a) Loggers; payroll data. Data sharing of payroll data by the commissioner of labor and industry with a workers' compensation insurer or the Workers' Compensation Insurance Association, is governed by section 176.130, subdivision 5.

(b) Medical data. Access to medical data in connection with a workers' compensation claim is governed by section 176.138.

(c) Employment status. Data sharing, between the commissioner of labor and industry and other persons, regarding the employment status of individuals, is governed by section 176.181, subdivision 8.

(d) Identity of reporters. Access to the identity of anyone reporting that an employer may not have workers' compensation insurance is governed by section 176.184, subdivision 5.

(e) Report of death or injury to labor and industry. Access to a report of worker injury or death during the course of employment filed by an employer under section 176.231 is governed by sections 176.231, subdivisions 8 and 9, and 176.234.

Subd. 4.Employee organization; authorization signatures.

Representation authorization signatures, contained in employee organization petitions or joint requests, are classified by section 179A.12, subdivision 6.

Subd. 5.Terms of employment.

(a) Disclosure of lie detector tests. Disclosure of lie detector tests is governed by section 181.76.

(b) Identity of employees making complaints.The disclosure of the identity of employees making certain complaints is also governed by section 181.932, subdivision 2.

(c) Employee drug and alcohol test results.Test results and other information acquired in the drug and alcohol testing process, with respect to public sector employees and applicants, are classified by section 181.954, subdivision 2, and access to them is governed by section 181.954, subdivision 3.

Subd. 6.Occupational safety and health.

Certain data gathered or prepared by the commissioner of labor and industry as part of occupational safety and health inspections are classified under sections 182.659, subdivision 8, and 182.668, subdivision 2.

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