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An action may be brought by any person owning land or any interest therein against the
owner, or persons interested in adjoining land, to have the boundary lines established; and when
the boundary lines of two or more tracts depend upon any common point, line, or landmark, an
action may be brought by the owner or any person interested in any of such tracts, against the
owners or persons interested in the other tracts, to have all the boundary lines established. The
court shall determine any adverse claims in respect to any portion of the land involved which it
may be necessary to determine for a complete settlement of the boundary lines, and shall make
such order respecting costs and disbursements as it shall deem just. The decree of the court shall
be filed with the court administrator, and a certified copy thereof shall be recorded in the office of
the county recorder or in the office of registrar of titles or both, if necessary; provided that such
decree shall not be accepted for such recording or filing until it shall be presented to the county
auditor who shall enter the same in the transfer record and note upon the instrument over the
auditor's official signature the words "ENTERED IN THE TRANSFER RECORD."
History: (9590) RL s 4454; 1947 c 244 s 1; 1976 c 181 s 2; 1986 c 444; 1Sp1986 c 3
art 1 s 82; 2005 c 4 s 137