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469.109 PURPOSE.
The legislature finds that there exists in the state certain areas of substantial and persistent
unemployment causing hardship to many individuals and their families and that there also
exist certain rural areas where development and redevelopment should be encouraged. The
legislature finds that the powers and facilities of the state government and local communities, in
cooperation with the federal government, should assist rural areas and areas of substantial and
chronic unemployment in planning and financing economic redevelopment by private enterprise,
enabling those areas to enhance their prosperity by the establishment of stable and diversified
local economies, and to provide new employment opportunities through the development and
expansion of new or existing facilities and resources.
The legislature finds that the establishment of local or regional area redevelopment agencies
in Minnesota having the power to acquire, build, lease, sell, or otherwise provide plants and
facilities for industrial, recreational, or commercial development will create new employment and
promote economic redevelopment of rural areas and of depressed or underdeveloped areas in
the state, and that the accomplishment of these objectives is a public purpose for which public
money may be spent.
History: 1987 c 291 s 110