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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

    (a) The commissioner may establish and maintain an electronic licensing database system for
license origination, renewal, and tracking the completion of continuing education requirements by
individual licensees who have continuing education requirements, and other related purposes.
    (b) The commissioner shall pay for the cost of operating and maintaining the electronic
database system described in paragraph (a) through a technology surcharge imposed upon the fee
for license origination and renewal, for individual licenses that require continuing education.
    (c) The surcharge permitted under paragraph (b) shall be up to $40 for each two-year
licensing period, except as otherwise provided in paragraph (f), and shall be payable at the time
of license origination and renewal.
    (d) The Commerce Department technology account is hereby created as an account in the
special revenue fund.
    (e) The commissioner shall deposit the surcharge permitted under this section in the account
created in paragraph (d), and funds in the account are appropriated to the commissioner in the
amounts needed for purposes of this section.
    (f) The commissioner shall temporarily reduce or suspend the surcharge as necessary if the
balance in the account created in paragraph (d) exceeds $2,000,000 as of the end of any calendar
year and shall increase or decrease the surcharge as necessary to keep the fund balance at an
adequate level but not in excess of $2,000,000.
History: 2007 c 57 art 3 s 3