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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Notwithstanding section 422A.09, or any other law to the contrary, any person whose
employment by, or assumption of a position as an appointed or elected officer of, the city of
Minneapolis, any of the boards, departments, or commissions operated as a department of the city
of Minneapolis or independently if financed in whole or in part by funds of the city of Minneapolis,
the Metropolitan Airports Commission, the Minneapolis Employees Retirement Fund, or Special
School District Number 1 if the person is not a member of the Minneapolis Teachers Retirement
Fund Association by virtue of that employment or position, initially commences on or after July
1, 1979 shall be a member of the Public Employees Retirement Association unless excluded from
membership pursuant to section 353.01, subdivision 2b. In no event shall there be any new
members of the contributing class of the Minneapolis employees fund on or after July 1, 1979.
History: 1979 c 303 art 6 s 10; 1981 c 224 s 193; 1981 c 298 s 11