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    Subdivision 1. Notice of examinations. (a) Notice of the time, place, and scope of each
examination shall be given by publication and posting as specified in section 419.06, and by
mailing such notice to each applicant upon the appropriate list of the application register ten
days in advance.
(b) The notice may provide that other examinations may be administered from time to time
during the life of the eligible register, without an additional publication or ten-day notice, to
applicants meeting threshold requirements.
    Subd. 2. Creation of eligible register. The names of those found eligible upon examination,
after giving credit for character and previous successful experience, shall be entered with their
address and percentages on the eligible register.
    Subd. 3. Removal of names. No name shall remain upon the eligible register more than
two years without a new application, and, if the rules of the commission so require, a new
examination. When a vacancy has been filled or new appointment made, the names selected shall
be stricken from the eligible register and transferred to the service register.
    Subd. 4. Addition of names. If the notice under subdivision 1, paragraph (b), is given at the
time of initial examination, additional examinations may be administered to applicants meeting
threshold requirements without an additional publication or ten-day notice. Applicants passing
a later examination shall be added to the eligible register in the order of their standing relative
to the remaining applicants on the register.
History: (1933-57) 1929 c 299 s 10; 2001 c 87 s 1