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As soon as practicable after such appointment, the charter commission shall deliver to
the clerk of the city either (1) its report determining that a home rule charter for the city is not
necessary or desirable, or (2) the draft of a proposed charter, in either case signed by at least
a majority of its members. Such draft shall fix the corporate name and the boundaries of the
proposed city, and provide for a mayor, and for a council to be elected by the people. Subject to
the limitations in this chapter provided, it may provide for any scheme of municipal government
not inconsistent with the constitution, and may provide for the establishment and administration
of all departments of a city government, and for the regulation of all local municipal functions,
as fully as the legislature might have done before home rule charters for cities were authorized
by constitutional amendment in 1896. It may omit provisions in reference to any department
contained in special or general laws then operative in the city, and provide that such special
or general laws, or such parts thereof as are specified, shall continue and be in force therein,
including any such special or general law authorizing the city to incur indebtedness or issue its
bonds for municipal purposes. It may prescribe methods of procedure in respect to the operation
of the government thereby created, and the duties thereunder of all courts and officers of the
district and county in which the city is situated, which duties such courts and officers shall
perform. By such charter the city may be authorized to acquire, by gift, devise, purchase, or
condemnation, any property, within or without its boundaries, needed for the full discharge of any
public function which it is permitted to exercise.
History: (1271) RL s 751; 1921 c 120; 1921 c 343; 1959 c 305 s 1; 1961 c 608 s 3; 1971 c
71 s 4; 1973 c 123 art 5 s 7