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The members of such commission shall receive no compensation, but the commission may
employ an attorney and other personnel to assist in framing such charter, and any amendment or
revision thereof, and the reasonable compensation and the cost of printing such charter, or any
amendment or revision thereof, when so directed by the commission, shall be paid by such city.
The amount of reasonable and necessary charter commission expenses that shall be so paid by
the city shall not exceed in any one year the sum of $10,000 for a first class city and $1,500 for
any other city; but the council may authorize such additional charter commission expenses as
it deems necessary. Other statutory and charter provisions requiring budgeting of, or limiting,
expenditures do not apply to charter commission expenses. The council may levy a tax in excess
of charter tax limitations to pay such expenses.
History: (1270) RL s 750; 1907 c 216 s 1; 1947 c 406 s 1; 1959 c 305 s 5; 1961 c 608 s
2; 1973 c 123 art 5 s 7; 1994 c 505 art 3 s 8