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    Subdivision 1. Qualifications. Any person engaged in the business of selling, purchasing,
or dealing in aircraft, new or used, and who desires to withhold aircraft owned by that person
from tax as provided in sections 360.511 to 360.67, may apply to the commissioner for an aircraft
dealer's license. In order to qualify for an aircraft dealer's license the applicant shall show that
the applicant has an established place of business approved by the commissioner that has the
necessary buildings, facilities, and equipment for the proper storage and maintenance of aircraft
in accordance with such rules as may be established by the commissioner. The commissioner may
charge a fee of $10 for each license, which license shall be effective for one year from the date
of its issuance, or may authorize an aircraft dealer to operate under a flight operator's license as
otherwise provided by this chapter. The commissioner is empowered to suspend or revoke any
license issued by the commissioner on determining that the holder thereof has violated any of
the provisions of sections 360.511 to 360.67 or has failed to maintain any of the requirements
necessary to obtain such license.
    Subd. 2. Aircraft demonstration. Any aircraft owned by an aircraft dealer, licensed under
this section, may be used for the purpose of demonstration or for any purpose incident to the usual
conduct and operation of business as an aircraft dealer; provided the aircraft has been first listed
with the commissioner on an aircraft withholding form provided by the commissioner.
History: 1945 c 411 s 13; 1949 c 161 s 13; 1955 c 113 s 8; 1983 c 293 s 103; 1985 c 248 s
70; 1986 c 444; 1987 c 321 s 6; 2005 c 41 s 11