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    Subdivision 1. Certificate, license, or permit refusal or modification order. In any case
where the commissioner refuses to issue a certificate of approval of or license (or renewal of
license) for an airport, restricted landing area, or other air navigation facility, or refuses to permit
the registration of any license, certificate, or permit, or refuses to grant a license to an air school
or to an aeronautics instructor in ground subjects, or in any case issues any order requiring certain
things to be done, or revokes any license or certificate, the commissioner shall set forth the
reasons therefor and shall state the requirements to be met before such approval will be given,
registration permitted, license granted, or order modified or changed. Any order made by the
commissioner pursuant to the provisions of sections 360.011 to 360.076, shall be served upon the
interested persons by certified mail or in person.
    Subd. 2. Hearing before commissioner; appeal. Any person aggrieved by an order of the
commissioner or by the granting or denial of any license, permit, certificate, or registration may
request a hearing before the commissioner. The commissioner shall hold a public hearing and
may stay the order until after the hearing. Orders of the commissioner reached after a public
hearing may be reviewed by appeal in accordance with chapter 14.
History: 1945 c 303 s 7; 1957 c 146 s 3; 1959 c 387 s 12; 1978 c 674 s 58,60; 1983 c
247 s 141; 1986 c 444