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No person shall operate a dairy plant in this state unless the dairy plant, and the equipment,
water supply and plumbing system connected therewith shall have been first approved by the
commissioner and a permit issued to operate the same. At the time of filing the application for a
permit, the applicant shall submit to the commissioner duplicate floor plans of such plant which
shall show the placement of equipment, the source of water supply and method of distribution,
and the location of the plumbing system, including the disposal of wastes. All new construction or
alteration of any existing dairy plants shall be made only with the approval of the commissioner
and duplicate plans for such construction or alteration shall be submitted to the commissioner
for approval. Any permit may be revoked by the commissioner for due cause after the holder of
the permit has been given the opportunity for a hearing, in which case the holder of the permit
shall be notified in writing, at least seven days prior to the date of such hearing, of the time
and place of such hearing.
The fee for approval services is $45 per hour of department staff time spent in the approval
process. The fees must be deposited in the dairy services account in the agricultural fund. Money
in the account, including interest earned, is appropriated to the commissioner to administer this
History: 1945 c 384 s 3; 1949 c 403 s 1; 1953 c 536 s 2; 1955 c 658 s 1; 1967 c 219 s 6;
1986 c 444; 1Sp2001 c 2 s 58