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Every license issued by the commissioner shall be for a period ending on the 31st day of
December next following, and shall not be transferable. The fee for each such initial license shall
be $50 and each renewal thereof shall be $25 and shall be paid to the commissioner before any
license or renewal thereof is issued. If a license renewal is not applied for on or before January 1
of each year, a penalty of $10 shall be imposed. A person who does not renew a license within
one year following its December 31 expiration date, except those persons who do not renew such
license while engaged in active military service, shall be required to prove competency and
qualification pursuant to section 32.073, before a license is issued. The commissioner may require
any other person who renews a license to prove competency and qualification in the same manner.
All license fees and penalties received by the commissioner shall be paid into the state treasury.
History: 1949 c 176 s 5; 1955 c 820 s 5; 1959 c 19 s 3; 1963 c 102 s 1; 1963 c 123 s 4; 1969
c 1148 s 9; 1975 c 412 s 20; 1981 c 356 s 267; 1983 c 293 s 55; 1986 c 444; 1987 c 358 s 86

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes