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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

279.21 APPEAL.
The orders and judgment of the district court are subject to review as in other civil cases. As
soon as the appeal is decided, the clerk of the appellate courts shall enter the proper order and
transmit a certified copy of it to the court administrator of the district court. The appeal shall not
prevent the entry of judgment in the district court, or the sale of any parcel of land pursuant to the
judgment, unless at the time of taking the appeal a bond is filed with the court administrator of
the district court, with sureties, in an amount to be approved by the judge, conditioned for the
payment of the amount for which the judgment shall be rendered, and the penalties and costs
allowed by law, if the decision of the district court is affirmed.
History: (2122) RL s 921; 1983 c 247 s 120; 1Sp1986 c 3 art 1 s 82