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Immediately after preparing forms for printing such notice and list, and at least five days
before the first day for the publication thereof, every such publisher shall furnish proof of the
proposed publication to the county auditor for correction. When such copy has been corrected,
the auditor shall return the same to the printer, who shall publish it as corrected. On the first day
on which such notice and list are published, the publisher shall mail a copy of the newspaper
containing the same to the auditor. If during the publication of the notice and list, or within ten
days after the last publication thereof, the auditor shall discover that such publication is invalid,
the auditor shall forthwith direct the publisher to republish the same as corrected for an additional
period of two weeks. The publisher, if not neglectful, shall be entitled to the same compensation
as allowed by law for the original publication, but shall receive no further compensation therefor
if such republication is necessary by reason of the neglect of the publisher.
History: (2111) RL s 910; 1986 c 444