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Office of the Revisor of Statutes

At their annual meeting in January, and prior to the designation, the county board shall open,
examine, and consider all offers for publication filed or presented as provided in section 279.07,
and shall thereupon award the publication of the notice and list to the publisher or proprietor of
the newspaper whose offer is found to be the lowest. The board may reject any offer, if in its
judgment the public interest so requires, and thereupon designate a newspaper without regard to
any rejected offer. In counties now or hereafter having a population of 450,000 or more, the board
shall designate a daily newspaper of general circulation throughout such county. If no such daily
newspaper submits a bid at the rate herein provided, the board may designate a weekly newspaper
of general circulation throughout the county. In any county in which there is no legal newspaper,
the board shall designate any such newspaper printed in the judicial district in which the county
is situated, and circulating in the county. Every such designation shall be by resolution, which
shall be substantially in the following form:
"Resolved, that .......... (here state the name of the newspaper) is hereby designated by the
county board of the county of ............. as the newspaper in which the notice and list of the real
estate remaining delinquent on the first Monday of January, ......., shall be published."
A copy of the resolution certified by the auditor shall be filed with the court administrator of
the district court. If, for any reason, the board fails to designate a newspaper, or the proprietor
of the newspaper fails to give the required bond, the auditor shall thereupon designate the same
in writing and immediately file such writing in the auditor's office and a certified copy thereof
with such court administrator.
History: (2109) RL s 908; 1911 c 5 s 1; 1941 c 400 s 1; 1951 c 505 s 2; 1957 c 443 s 3; 1984
c 543 s 10; 1986 c 444; 1Sp1986 c 3 art 1 s 82; 1998 c 254 art 1 s 107