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259.20 POLICY.
    Subdivision 1. Policy and purpose. The policy of the state of Minnesota and the purpose of
sections 259.20 to 259.69 is to ensure:
(1) that the best interests of children are met in the planning and granting of adoptions; and
(2) that laws and practices governing adoption recognize the diversity of Minnesota's
population and the diverse needs of persons affected by adoption.
    Subd. 2. Other applicable law. (a) Portions of chapters 245A, 245C, 257, 260, and 317A
may also affect the adoption of a particular child.
    (b) Provisions of the Indian Child Welfare Act, United States Code, title 25, chapter 21,
sections 1901-1923, may also apply in the adoption of an Indian child, and may preempt specific
provisions of this chapter.
    (c) Consistent with section 245C.33 and Public Law 109-248, a completed background study
is required before the approval of any foster or adoptive placement in a related or an unrelated
History: 1994 c 631 s 7,31; 1997 c 177 s 4; 2003 c 15 art 1 s 33; 2007 c 147 art 3 s 24

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