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    Subdivision 1. Proposals for managed care; role of state operated services. Any proposal
integrating state-operated services with managed care systems for persons with disabilities shall
identify the specific role to be assumed by state-operated services and the funding arrangement in
which state-operated services shall effectively operate within the managed care initiative. The
commissioner shall not approve or implement the initiative that consolidates funding appropriated
for state-operated services with funding for managed care initiatives for persons with disabilities.
    Subd. 2. Study by the commissioner. To help identify appropriate state-operated services
for managed care systems, the commissioner of human services shall study the integration
of state-operated services into public managed care systems and make recommendations to
the legislature. The commissioner's study and recommendations shall include, but shall not be
limited to, the following:
(1) identification of persons with disabilities on waiting lists for services, which could be
provided by state-operated services;
(2) availability of crisis services to persons with disabilities;
(3) unmet service needs, which could be met by state-operated services; and
(4) deficiencies in managed care contracts and services, which hinder the placement and
maintenance of persons with disabilities in community settings.
In conducting this study, the commissioner shall survey counties concerning their interest in
and need for services that could be provided by state-operated services. The commissioner shall
also consult with the appropriate exclusive bargaining unit representatives. The commissioner
shall report findings to the legislature by February 1, 1998.
History: 1997 c 203 art 9 s 13