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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

    The commissioner of human services shall develop and implement a plan to:
    (1) review utilization patterns of Minnesota health care program enrollees for controlled
substances listed in section 152.02, subdivisions 3 and 4, and those substances defined by the
Board of Pharmacy under section 152.02, subdivisions 8 and 12;
    (2) develop a mechanism to address abuses both for fee-for-service Minnesota health care
program enrollees and those enrolled in managed care plans; and
    (3) provide education to Minnesota health care program enrollees on the proper use of
controlled substances.
    For purposes of this section, "Minnesota health care program" means medical assistance,
MinnesotaCare, or general assistance medical care.
History: 2007 c 147 art 12 s 11