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    Subdivision 1. Timing. Upon receipt of the background study forms from an applicant,
license holder, or other entity as provided in this chapter required to initiate a background study
under section 245C.04, the commissioner shall complete the background study and provide the
notice required under section 245C.17, subdivision 1, within 15 working days.
    Subd. 2. Direct contact pending completion of background study. The subject of a
background study may not perform any activity requiring a background study under paragraph (b)
until the commissioner has issued one of the notices under paragraph (a).
    (a) Notices from the commissioner required prior to activity under paragraph (b) include:
    (1) a notice of the study results under section 245C.17 stating that:
    (i) the individual is not disqualified; or
    (ii) more time is needed to complete the study but the individual is not required to be
removed from direct contact or access to people receiving services prior to completion of the
study as provided under section 245C.17, subdivision 1, paragraph (b) or (c);
    (2) a notice that a disqualification has been set aside under section 245C.23; or
    (3) a notice that a variance has been granted related to the individual under section 245C.30.
    (b) Activities prohibited prior to receipt of notice under paragraph (a) include:
    (1) being issued a license;
    (2) living in the household where the licensed program will be provided;
    (3) providing direct contact services to persons served by a program unless the subject is
under continuous direct supervision; or
    (4) having access to persons receiving services if the background study was completed under
section 144.057, subdivision 1, or 245C.03, subdivision 1, paragraph (a), clause (2), (5), or (6),
unless the subject is under continuous direct supervision.
History: 2003 c 15 art 1 s 13; 2004 c 288 art 1 s 49; 2005 c 136 art 6 s 1; 2007 c 112 s 32

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes