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    Subdivision 1. Information requirements. Precinct summary statements shall be submitted
by the election judges in every precinct. For all elections, the election judges shall complete
three or more copies of the summary statements, and each copy shall contain the following
information for each kind of ballot:
(a) the number of votes each candidate received or the number of yes and no votes on each
question, the number of undervotes or partially blank ballots, and the number of overvotes or
partially defective ballots with respect to each office or question;
(b) the number of totally blank ballots, the number of totally defective ballots, the number of
spoiled ballots, and the number of unused ballots;
(c) the number of individuals who voted at the election in the precinct;
(d) the number of voters registering on election day in that precinct; and
(e) the signatures of the election judges who counted the ballots certifying that all of the
ballots cast were properly piled, checked, and counted; and that the numbers entered by the
election judges on the summary statements correctly show the number of votes cast for each
candidate and for and against each question.
At least two copies of the summary statement must be prepared for elections not held on
the same day as the state elections.
    Subd. 2. Sealing in envelopes. The election judges shall place a full set of completed
summary statements in each of three separate envelopes and seal them so that the envelopes
cannot be opened without leaving evidence that they have been opened. The election judges
shall then sign each envelope over the sealed part so that no envelope can be opened without
disturbing the continuity of the signatures. Each of the envelopes shall show substantially the
following information on its face:
"Summary statements of the returns of the .... election precinct, (Town) or (City) of ....., or
(School District Number) ...., in the County of ....., State of Minnesota."
History: 1981 c 29 art 5 s 24; 1981 c 217 s 7; 1983 c 253 s 15; 1984 c 447 s 31; 1987 c 175
s 8; 1987 c 266 art 1 s 40; 1988 c 646 s 6; 1999 c 132 s 22; 2005 c 156 art 6 s 47