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    Subdivision 1. Temporary emergency relief. If any officer or enlisted member of the
military forces is wounded or otherwise disabled, dies from disease contracted or injuries
received, or is killed while in state active service as defined in section 190.05, subdivision 5a,
the officer or member, or in the case of death the officer's or member's dependent spouse, child,
or parent, may be provided with immediate temporary relief as necessary in cases of severe
hardship, in an amount to be determined by the adjutant general and approved by the governor.
All payments under this subdivision shall be made from appropriations for the maintenance of the
state military forces. The adjutant general shall notify the Department of Employee Relations of
any payments made pursuant to this subdivision and the amount of it shall be subtracted from
any award made by the Department of Employee Relations.
    Subd. 2. Assistance to claimants. To the extent information is available, the adjutant general
shall provide information to a person seeking a benefit from the state or federal government or
instituting a claim before a Legislative Commission on Claims or Federal Claims Commission
arising from loss, damage, or destruction of property or for injury or death incurred or sustained
by a member of the military forces.
History: (2430) 1921 c 506 s 36; 1927 c 339 s 6; 1965 c 140 s 2; 1975 c 271 s 6; 1976 c 331
s 39; 1983 c 193 s 7; 1986 c 444; 1997 c 24 s 11