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Any person whose driver's license has been refused, revoked, suspended, canceled, or
disqualified by the commissioner, except where the license is revoked or disqualified under section
169A.52 or 171.186, may file a petition for a hearing in the matter in the district court in the county
wherein such person shall reside and, in the case of a nonresident, in the district court in any
county, and such court is hereby vested with jurisdiction, and it shall be its duty, to set the matter
for hearing upon 15 days' written notice to the commissioner, and thereupon to take testimony and
examine into the facts of the case to determine whether the petitioner is entitled to a license or is
subject to revocation, suspension, cancellation, disqualification, or refusal of license, and shall
render judgment accordingly. The petition for hearing must either be filed within 180 days of the
effective date of the order of revocation, suspension, cancellation, disqualification, or refusal to
license or be filed before expiration of the withdrawal period, whichever occurs first. The petition
shall be heard by the court without a jury and may be heard in or out of term. The commissioner
may appear in person, or by agents or representatives, and may present evidence upon the hearing
by affidavit personally, by agents, or by representatives. The petitioner may present evidence by
affidavit, except that the petitioner must be present in person at such hearing for the purpose
of cross-examination. In the event the department shall be sustained in these proceedings, the
petitioner shall have no further right to make further petition to any court for the purpose of
obtaining a driver's license until after the expiration of one year after the date of such hearing.
History: (2720-145d) 1939 c 401 s 19; 1982 c 423 s 11; 1986 c 444; 1992 c 571 art 14 s 10;
1997 c 245 art 1 s 2; 1Sp1997 c 2 s 54; 1998 c 405 s 6; 2000 c 478 art 2 s 7

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes