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    The director of the Office of Higher Education shall establish procedures for the distribution
of scholarships to any Minnesota resident student who is of one-fourth or more Indian ancestry,
who has applied for other existing state and federal scholarship and grant programs, and who,
in the opinion of the director of the Office of Higher Education, based upon postsecondary
institution recommendations, has the capabilities to benefit from further education. Scholarships
must be for accredited degree programs in accredited Minnesota colleges or universities or for
courses in accredited Minnesota business, technical, or vocational schools. Scholarships may also
be given to students attending Minnesota colleges that are in candidacy status for obtaining full
accreditation, and are eligible for and receiving federal financial aid programs. Students are also
eligible for scholarships when enrolled as students in Minnesota higher education institutions
that have joint programs with other accredited higher education institutions. Scholarships shall
be used to defray the total cost of education including tuition, incidental fees, books, supplies,
transportation, other related school costs and the cost of board and room and shall be paid directly
to the college or school concerned where the student receives federal financial aid. The total cost
of education includes all tuition and fees for each student enrolling in a public institution and
the portion of tuition and fees for each student enrolling in a private institution that does not
exceed the tuition and fees at a comparable public institution. Each student shall be awarded a
scholarship based on a federal standardized need analysis. Applicants are encouraged to apply
for all other sources of financial aid.
    When an Indian student satisfactorily completes the work required by a certain college or
school in a school year the student is eligible for additional scholarships, if additional training
is necessary to reach the student's educational and vocational objective. Scholarships may not
be given to any Indian student for more than five years of study at the undergraduate level and
five years at the graduate level. Students may acquire only one degree per level and one terminal
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Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes