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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

    Minnesota's higher education investment is made in pursuit of the following objectives:
(1) to ensure quality by providing a level of excellence that is competitive on a national and
international level, through high quality teaching, scholarship, and learning in a broad range of
arts and sciences, technical education, and professional fields; (2) to foster student success by
enabling and encouraging students to choose institutions and programs that are best suited for
their talents and abilities, and to provide an educational climate that supports students in pursuing
their goals and aspirations; (3) to promote democratic values and enhance Minnesota's quality of
life by developing understanding and appreciation of a free and diverse society; (4) to maintain
access by providing an opportunity for all Minnesotans, regardless of personal circumstances, to
participate in higher education; and (5) to enhance the economy by assisting the state in being
competitive in the world market, and to prepare a highly skilled and adaptable workforce that
meets Minnesota's opportunities and needs.
History: 2007 c 144 art 2 s 4