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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

A sanitary sewer district, when created as contemplated by sections 115.61 to 115.67, shall
be a municipal corporation and governmental subdivision of the state, responsible for acquiring,
constructing, improving, extending, operating, and maintaining facilities for the collection,
treatment, and disposal of sewage and industrial and other wastes received from the sewer systems
of all municipalities within its corporate limits, for the purpose of preventing pollution of public
waters in excess of such reasonable standards of purity and quality as may be established by state
regulatory agencies pursuant to law. For this purpose it shall have perpetual succession; may sue
and be sued; may acquire real and personal property, including easements, within or outside its
corporate limits, by purchase, gift, devise, condemnation, lease, or otherwise, which property,
while held, used, or occupied by it, shall be exempt from taxation; may manage, control, sell,
convey, lease, and otherwise dispose of such property; may make contracts, borrow money, issue
bonds, levy taxes and special assessments, and establish and collect charges for services furnished
or made available; and may exercise all powers granted any municipality by chapters 117, 412,
429, and 475, sections 471.59, 444.075, and 115.46, and, without limitation by the foregoing, all
municipal power necessary or expedient to accomplish said purpose, whether or not necessarily
implied from any power herein expressly granted.
History: 1965 c 895 s 1