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2007 Minnesota Statutes

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    Subdivision 1. Manufacturer's certification. (a) Under the authority of the Pollution Control
Agency, with consultation from the Department of Health, a manufacturer of new wastewater
treatment technologies must submit accredited third-party testing documentation to the agency
certifying that biodigester and wastewater reclamation systems, as designed and installed, will
meet the applicable state standards for above or below surface discharge or potable water.
(b) A manufacturer of biodigester and water reclamation systems technology must provide
training approved by the commissioner of the agency to provide certification for persons in the
state to properly install, maintain, operate, and monitor systems. An entity that would provide
monitoring, installation, maintenance, or operational services must not be a part of certifying
system capacities for the commissioner.
(c) A manufacturer shall reimburse the agency an amount not to exceed $4,000 for staff
services needed to review the information submitted pursuant to the certification request.
Reimbursements accepted by the agency must be deposited in the environmental fund and are
appropriated to the agency for the purpose of reviewing information submitted. The agency shall
reimburse the Department of Health for consultation related costs.
    Subd. 2. Requirements for manufacturer or consumer participation. (a) Only trained
and certified persons may install, operate, repair, maintain, and monitor a biodigester and water
reclamation system.
(b) Systems must be monitored by an entity other than the owner.
(c) Annual monitoring and maintenance reports must be submitted to the commissioners of
health and the agency and the local regulatory authority.
(d) Independent documentation of system performance must be reported on a form provided
by the agency.
    Subd. 3. Approval requirements. (a) Permitting of biodigester and water reclamation
systems are subject to any local government requirements for installation and use subject to the
commissioner's approval.
(b) Any subsurface discharge of treated effluent from any system must be in accordance with
environmental standards contained in Minnesota Rules, part 7080.0179, and is regulated under
the requirements of sections 115.55 and 115.56.
(c) Any surface discharge of treated effluent from a system must be in accordance with
environmental standards contained in Minnesota Rules, part 7080.0030, and be operated under a
permit issued by the agency. The agency may issue either individual or general permits to regulate
the surface discharges from biodigester and water reclamation systems.
(d) Any reuse of treated effluent from a system must be in accordance with state standards
established for potable well water.
    Subd. 4. Exemption. Biodigester and water reclamation systems are exempt from all state
and local requirements pertaining to Minnesota Rules, chapter 4715, until May 1, 2014.
    Subd. 5. Expiration. This section expires May 1, 2014.
History: 2004 c 248 s 3

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