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    Subdivision 1. Initial, annual meetings. As soon as practicable after the election of the first
board members of a district they shall meet at the call of the temporary chair to elect officers and
take other appropriate action for organization and administration of the district. Each board shall
hold a regular annual meeting at the call of the chair or otherwise as it shall prescribe on or as
soon as practicable after the first business day in January of each year, and such other regular and
special meetings as it shall prescribe.
    Subd. 2. Officers. The officers of each district shall be a chair and a vice-chair, who shall
be members of the board, and a secretary and a treasurer, who may but need not be members of
the board. The board of a new district at its initial meeting or as soon thereafter as practicable
shall elect the officers to serve until the first business day in January next following. Thereafter
the board shall elect the officers at each regular annual meeting for terms expiring on the first
business day in January next following. Each officer shall serve until a successor is elected
and has qualified.
    Subd. 3. Meeting place; offices. The board at its initial meeting or as soon thereafter as
practicable shall provide for suitable places for board meetings and for offices of the district
officers, and may change the same thereafter as it deems advisable. Such meeting place and
offices may be the same as those of any related governing body, with the approval of such body.
The secretary of the board shall notify the secretary of state, the secretary of the agency, the
county auditor of each county wherein any part of the district is situated, and the clerk or recorder
of each related governing body of the locations and post office addresses of such meeting place
and offices and any changes therein.
    Subd. 4. Budget. At any time before the proceeds of the first tax levy in a district become
available, the district board may prepare a budget comprising an estimate of the expenses of
organizing and administering the district until such proceeds are available, with a proposal for
apportionment of the estimated amount among the related governmental subdivisions, and may
request the governing bodies thereof to advance funds in accordance with the proposal. Such
governing bodies may authorize advancement of the requested amounts, or such part thereof
as they respectively deem proper, from any funds available in their respective treasuries. The
board shall include in its first tax levy after receipt of any such advancements a sufficient sum
to cover the same and shall cause the same to be repaid, without interest, from the proceeds of
taxes as soon as received.
History: Ex1961 c 20 s 10; 1969 c 9 s 21; 1986 c 444