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Office of the Revisor of Statutes

    Subdivision 1. Study. The commissioner of health shall develop methods to allow enrollees
of managed care organizations to obtain primary care health services outside of the service area
of their managed care organization, from health care providers who are employed by or under
contract with another managed care organization. The commissioner shall make recommendations
on: (1) whether this out-of-area primary care coverage should be available to students and/or
other enrollees without additional premium charges or cost sharing; (2) methods to coordinate the
services provided by different managed care organizations; (3) methods to manage the quality of
care provided by different managed care organizations and monitor health care outcomes; (4)
methods to reimburse managed care organizations for care provided to enrollees of other managed
care organizations; and (5) other issues relevant to the design and administration of out-of-area
primary care coverage. The commissioner shall present recommendations to the legislature
by January 15, 1996.
    Subd. 2. Definition. For purposes of this section, "managed care organization" means:
(1) a health maintenance organization operating under chapter 62D;
(2) a community integrated service network as defined under section 62N.02, subdivision
; or
(3) an insurance company licensed under chapter 60A, nonprofit health service plan
corporation operating under chapter 62C, fraternal benefit society operating under chapter 64B,
or any other health plan company, to the extent that it covers health care services delivered to
Minnesota residents through a preferred provider organization or a network of selected providers.
History: 1995 c 234 art 2 s 28; 1997 c 225 art 2 s 44