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When the officer holding an execution is of the opinion that the judgment debtor has more
property of the classes specified in section 550.37 than is exempt the officer may levy upon
the whole of any one class and make an inventory thereof and cause the same to be appraised
on oath by two disinterested persons. If such appraisal exceeds the amount exempt of that class,
the debtor may forthwith select of such property an amount not exceeding in appraised value the
amount exempt, and the balance shall be applied by the officer as in other cases. If the debtor does
not make such selection, the officer may make the same. If one or more indivisible articles of
such class is of greater value than the whole amount exempt of that class, the officer shall sell
the same and, after paying to the debtor the amount thereof exempt, shall apply the residue
in discharge of the process.
History: (9448) RL s 4318; 1986 c 444