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    Subdivision 1. Establishment. Misdemeanor violations bureaus shall be established in
Minneapolis, a southern suburb location, and at any other northern and western suburban locations
dispersed throughout the county as may be designated by a majority of the judges of the court.
    Subd. 2. Supervision. The court shall supervise and the court administrator shall operate the
misdemeanor violations bureaus in accordance with Rule 23 of the Rules of Criminal Procedure.
Subject to approval by a majority of the judges, the court administrator shall assign one or more
deputy court administrators to discharge and perform the duties of the bureau.
    Subd. 3. Uniform traffic ticket. The Hennepin County Board may alter by deletion or
addition the uniform traffic ticket, provided in section 169.99, in such manner as it deems
advisable for use in Hennepin County.
    Subd. 4. Procedure by person receiving misdemeanor citation. A person who receives a
misdemeanor or petty misdemeanor citation shall proceed as follows:
(a) If a fine for the violation may be paid at the bureau without appearance before a judge,
the person charged may pay the fine in person or by mail to the bureau within the time specified in
the citation. Payment of the fine shall be deemed to be the entry of a plea of guilty to the violation
charged and a consent to the imposition of a sentence for the violation in the amount of the fine
paid. A receipt shall be issued to evidence the payment and the receipt shall be satisfaction for the
violation charged in that citation.
(b) When a fine is not paid, the person charged must appear at a bureau within the time
specified in the citation, state whether the person desires to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty,
arrange for a date for arraignment in court, and appear in court for arraignment on the date set
by the bureaus.
History: 2006 c 260 art 5 s 38