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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

In the event that the chief governing body, city council or board of park commissioners of
such city shall exercise such right by condemnation such body may do so under any laws provided
for the condemnation of real property or eminent domain or under any provision of the charter of
such city granting to such body the right of condemnation or power of eminent domain; or, it
being for the best interests of such city, such chief governing board, city council, or board of park
commissioners shall have the power and authority to acquire the rights by purchase, taking into
consideration the present worth of such right to exemption and the probability or improbability
that such exemptions would ever be used as an offset to future assessments for benefits.
History: (1541-2) 1931 c 385 s 2; 2006 c 214 s 20