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Before beginning duties, and within ten days after being notified of appointment, every law
enforcement official shall give bond to the town, in a sum directed and with sureties approved by
the chair of the town board, conditioned for the faithful discharge of official duties. The chair
shall endorse approval on the bond, and have it filed with the town clerk, for the benefit of any
person aggrieved by the acts or omissions of the law enforcement official. Any person aggrieved
may maintain an action on the bond, in the person's own name, against the law enforcement
official and the sureties. The town may also maintain an action.
History: (1083) RL s 676; 1978 c 681 s 6; 1982 c 595 s 7; 1986 c 444; 1990 c 401 art 1 s 1