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(a) A notarial act must be evidenced by a certificate physically or electronically signed and
dated by a notarial officer in a manner that attributes such signature to the notary public identified
on the commission. The certificate must include identification of the jurisdiction in which the
notarial act is performed and the title of the office of the notarial officer and may include the
official stamp or seal of office, or the notary's electronic seal. If the officer is a notary public,
the certificate must also indicate the date of expiration, if any, of the commission of office, but
omission of that information may subsequently be corrected. If the officer is a commissioned
officer on active duty in the military service of the United States, it must also include the officer's
(b) A certificate of a notarial act is sufficient if it meets the requirements of subsection
(a) and it:
(1) is in the short form set forth in section 358.48;
(2) is in a form otherwise prescribed by the law of this state;
(3) is in a form prescribed by the laws or regulations applicable in the place in which the
notarial act was performed; or
(4) sets forth the actions of the notarial officer and those are sufficient to meet the
requirements of the designated notarial act.
(c) By executing a certificate of a notarial act, the notarial officer certifies that the officer has
made the determinations required by section 358.42.
History: 1985 c 268 s 8; 2006 c 260 art 7 s 3