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All money deposited by a teacher or member or deposited by any other person or corporation,
municipal or private, to the credit of a teacher or member of a teachers retirement fund association
organized pursuant to this chapter, and all money, rights, and interests or annuities due or to
become due to a teacher, member, or annuitant, or their beneficiaries, from any association shall
not be assignable, shall be exempt from garnishment, attachment, and execution or sale on any
final process issued from a court and other legal process, except as provided in section 518.58,
518.581, or 518A.53, and shall not be subject to the estate tax provisions of this state.
History: (1366-2) 1939 c 72 s 1; 1967 c 605 s 1; 1971 c 789 s 7; 1979 c 217 s 10; 1979 c
303 art 3 s 31; 1982 c 578 art 1 s 9; 1983 c 286 s 11; 1984 c 547 s 8; 1987 c 157 s 7; 1997 c 203
art 6 s 92; 2005 c 164 s 29; 1Sp2005 c 7 s 28

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Revisor of Statutes