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(a) Raffle tickets or certificates of participation at a minimum must list the three most
expensive prizes to be awarded. If additional prizes will be awarded, a complete list of additional
prizes must be publicly posted at the event and copies of the complete prize list made available
upon request. Notwithstanding section 349.12, subdivision 33, raffles conducted under the
exemptions in section 349.166 may use tickets that contain only the sequential number of the
raffle ticket and no other information if the organization makes a list of prizes and a statement of
other relevant information required by rule available to persons purchasing tickets and if tickets
are only sold at the event and on the date when the tickets are drawn.
(b) Raffles must be conducted in a manner that ensures:
(1) all entries in the raffle have an equal chance of selection;
(2) entry in the raffle is not conditioned upon any other purchase, except that a certificate of
participation may be a button with a nominal value of less than $5;
(3) the method of selection is conducted in a public forum;
(4) the method of selection cannot be manipulated or based on the outcome of an event not
under the control of the organization;
(5) physical presence at the raffle is not a requirement to win; and
(6) all sold and unsold tickets or certificates of participation are accounted for.
(c) Methods of selecting winning entries from a raffle other than prescribed in rule may be
used with the prior written approval of the board.
History: 1999 c 206 s 12; 1999 c 249 s 5; 2005 c 166 art 1 s 29; 2006 c 205 s 23

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes