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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

208.04 MS 1957 [Repealed, 1959 c 675 art 13 s 1]
    Subdivision 1. Form of presidential ballots. When presidential electors and alternates are to
be voted for, a vote cast for the party candidates for president and vice president shall be deemed
a vote for that party's electors and alternates as filed with the secretary of state. The secretary of
state shall certify the names of all duly nominated presidential and vice presidential candidates to
the county auditors of the counties of the state. Each county auditor, subject to the rules of the
secretary of state, shall cause the names of the candidates of each major political party and the
candidates nominated by petition to be printed in capital letters, set in type of the same size and
style as for candidates on the state white ballot, before the party designation. To the left of, and on
the same line with the names of the candidates for president and vice president, near the margin,
shall be placed a square or box, in which the voters may indicate their choice by marking an "X."
The form for the presidential ballot and the relative position of the several candidates shall
be determined by the rules applicable to other state officers. The state ballot, with the required
heading, shall be printed on the same piece of paper and shall be below the presidential ballot
with a blank space between one inch in width.
    Subd. 2. Applicable rules. The rules for preparation, state contribution to the cost of
printing, and delivery of presidential ballots are the same as the rules for white ballots under
section 204D.11, subdivision 1.
History: 1959 c 675 art 9 s 4; 1961 c 606 s 2; 1976 c 224 s 7; 1979 c 251 s 3; 1981 c 29 art
7 s 23,24; 1984 c 560 s 25; 1999 c 132 s 39; 2005 c 156 art 6 s 58