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Chapter 16A

Section 16A.055


Recent History

    Subdivision 1. List. The commissioner shall:
(1) receive and record all money paid into the state treasury and safely keep it until lawfully
paid out;
(2) manage the state's financial affairs;
(3) keep the state's general account books according to generally accepted government
accounting principles;
(4) keep expenditure and revenue accounts according to generally accepted government
accounting principles;
(5) develop, provide instructions for, prescribe, and manage a state uniform accounting
(6) provide to the state the expertise to ensure that all state funds are accounted for under
generally accepted government accounting principles; and
(7) coordinate the development of, and maintain standards for, internal auditing in state
agencies and, in cooperation with the commissioner of administration, report to the legislature
and the governor by January 31 of odd-numbered years, on progress made.
    Subd. 2. Accounting system required. An agency must use the uniform accounting system
prescribed by the commissioner.
    Subd. 3. Access to records. An agency must give the commissioner or a designee of the
commissioner free access to its financial documents.
    Subd. 4. Commissioner's designee. The commissioner may assign a designee to an agency
to monitor its financial activities and to ensure compliance with statutes and administrative
requirements promulgated by the commissioner. The designee may assist the agency as the
commissioner considers appropriate. The agency's head shall supervise its employees and develop
a budget consistent with its goals, responsibilities, and priorities.
    Subd. 5. Retirement fund reporting. (a) The commissioner may not require a public
retirement fund to use financial or actuarial reporting practices or procedures different from
those required by section 356.20 or 356.215.
(b) The commissioner may contract with the consulting actuary retained under section
356.214 for the preparation of quadrennial projection valuations as required under section
356.215, subdivisions 2 and 2a. The initial projection valuation under this paragraph, if any, is
due on May 1, 2003, and subsequent projection valuations are due on May 1 each fourth year
thereafter. The commissioner of finance shall assess the applicable statewide and major local
retirement plan or plans the cost of the quadrennial projection valuation.
    Subd. 6. Mission; efficiency. It is part of the department's mission that within the
department's resources the commissioner shall endeavor to:
(1) prevent the waste or unnecessary spending of public money;
(2) use innovative fiscal and human resource practices to manage the state's resources and
operate the department as efficiently as possible;
(3) coordinate the department's activities wherever appropriate with the activities of other
governmental agencies;
(4) use technology where appropriate to increase agency productivity, improve customer
service, increase public access to information about government, and increase public participation
in the business of government;
(5) utilize constructive and cooperative labor-management practices to the extent otherwise
required by chapters 43A and 179A;
(6) report to the legislature on the performance of agency operations and the accomplishment
of agency goals in the agency's biennial budget according to section 16A.10, subdivision 1; and
(7) recommend to the legislature appropriate changes in law necessary to carry out the
mission and improve the performance of the department.
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Revisor of Statutes