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A person or organization that provides only home management services defined as home care
services under section 144A.43, subdivision 3, clause (8), may not operate in the state without a
current certificate of registration issued by the commissioner of health. To obtain a certificate
of registration, the person or organization must annually submit to the commissioner the name,
address, and telephone number of the person or organization and a signed statement declaring
that the person or organization is aware that the Home Care Bill of Rights applies to their clients
and that the person or organization will comply with the bill of rights provisions contained in
section 144A.44. A person who provides home management services under this section must,
within 120 days after beginning to provide services, attend an orientation session approved by the
commissioner that provides training on the bill of rights and an orientation on the aging process
and the needs and concerns of elderly and disabled persons. An organization applying for a
certificate must also provide the name, business address, and telephone number of each of the
individuals responsible for the management or direction of the organization. The commissioner
shall charge an annual registration fee of $20 for individuals and $50 for organizations. A home
care provider that provides home management services and other home care services must be
licensed, but licensure requirements other than the home care bill of rights do not apply to those
employees or volunteers who provide only home management services to clients who do not
receive any other home care services from the provider. A licensed home care provider need not
be registered as a home management service provider, but must provide an orientation on the
home care bill of rights to its employees or volunteers who provide home management services.
The commissioner may suspend or revoke a provider's certificate of registration or assess fines for
violation of the home care bill of rights. Any fine assessed for a violation of the bill of rights by a
provider registered under this section shall be in the amount established in the licensure rules
for home care providers. As a condition of registration, a provider must cooperate fully with
any investigation conducted by the commissioner, including providing specific information
requested by the commissioner on clients served and the employees and volunteers who provide
services. The commissioner may use any of the powers granted in sections 144A.43 to 144A.49 to
administer the registration system and enforce the home care bill of rights under this section.
History: 1992 c 513 art 6 s 10

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes