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    Subdivision 1. Agreement authorized. In order to have a comprehensive program to protect
the public from radiation hazards, the governor, on behalf of the state, is authorized to enter into
agreements with the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission under the Atomic Energy
Act of 1954, section 274b, as amended. The agreement shall provide for the discontinuance of
portions of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's licensing and related regulatory authority over
by-product, source, and special nuclear materials, and the assumption of regulatory authority over
these materials by the state.
    Subd. 2. Health Department designated lead. The Department of Health is designated as
the lead agency to pursue an agreement on behalf of the governor and for any assumption of
specified licensing and regulatory authority from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission under
an agreement with the commission. The commissioner of health shall establish an advisory
group to assist in preparing the state to meet the requirements for reaching an agreement. The
commissioner may adopt rules to allow the state to assume regulatory authority under an
agreement under this section, including the licensing and regulation of radioactive materials. Any
regulatory authority assumed by the state includes the ability to set and collect fees.
    Subd. 3. Transition. A person who, on the effective date of an agreement under this section,
possesses a Nuclear Regulatory Commission license that is subject to the agreement is deemed to
possess a similar license issued by the Department of Health. A Department of Health license
obtained under this subdivision expires on the expiration date specified in the federal license.
    Subd. 4.[Repealed, 2004 c 236 s 7]
History: 1999 c 245 art 2 s 17; 1Sp2001 c 9 art 1 s 28; 2002 c 379 art 1 s 113; 2003 c 111 s 1