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    Subdivision 1. Establishment. The landfill cleanup program is established to provide
environmental response at qualified facilities and is to be administered by the commissioner.
    Subd. 2. Definitions. (a) In addition to the definitions in this subdivision, the definitions in
sections 115A.03 and 115B.02 apply to sections 115B.39 to 115B.445, except as specifically
modified in this subdivision.
(b) "Cleanup order" means a consent order between responsible persons and the agency or
an order issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency under section 106 of
the federal Superfund Act.
(c) "Closure" means actions to prevent or minimize the threat to public health and the
environment posed by a mixed municipal solid waste disposal facility that has stopped accepting
waste by controlling the sources of releases or threatened releases at the facility. "Closure"
includes removing contaminated equipment and liners; applying final cover; grading and seeding
final cover; installing wells, borings, and other monitoring devices; constructing groundwater and
surface water diversion structures; and installing gas control systems and site security systems, as
necessary. The commissioner may authorize use of final cover that includes processed materials
that meet the requirements in Code of Federal Regulations, title 40, section 503.32, paragraph (a).
(d) "Closure upgrade" means construction activity that will, at a minimum, modify an
existing cover so that it satisfies current rule requirements for mixed municipal solid waste land
disposal facilities.
(e) "Contingency action" means organized, planned, or coordinated courses of action to be
followed in case of fire, explosion, or release of solid waste, waste by-products, or leachate that
could threaten human health or the environment.
(f) "Corrective action" means steps taken to repair facility structures including liners,
monitoring wells, separation equipment, covers, and aeration devices and to bring the facility into
compliance with design, construction, groundwater, surface water, and air emission standards.
(g) "Decomposition gases" means gases produced by chemical or microbial activity during
the decomposition of solid waste.
(h) "Dump materials" means nonhazardous mixed municipal solid wastes disposed at a
Minnesota waste disposal site other than a qualified facility prior to 1973.
(i) "Environmental response action" means response action at a qualified facility, including
corrective action, closure, postclosure care; contingency action; environmental studies, including
remedial investigations and feasibility studies; engineering, including remedial design; removal;
remedial action; site construction; and other similar cleanup-related activities.
(j) "Environmental response costs" means:
(1) costs of environmental response action, not including legal or administrative expenses;
(2) costs required to be paid to the federal government under section 107(a) of the federal
Superfund Act, as amended.
(k) "Postclosure" or "postclosure care" means actions taken for the care, maintenance, and
monitoring of closure actions at a mixed municipal solid waste disposal facility.
(l) "Qualified facility" means a mixed municipal solid waste disposal facility as described in
the most recent agency permit, including adjacent property used for solid waste disposal that did
not occur under a permit from the agency, that:
(1)(i) is or was permitted by the agency;
(ii) stopped accepting solid waste, except demolition debris, for disposal by April 9, 1994;
(iii) stopped accepting demolition debris for disposal by June 1, 1994, except that demolition
debris may be accepted until May 1, 1995, at a permitted area where disposal of demolition debris
is allowed, if the area where the demolition debris is deposited is at least 50 feet from the fill
boundary of the area where mixed municipal solid waste was deposited; or
(2)(i) is or was permitted by the agency; and
(ii) stopped accepting waste by January 1, 2000, except that demolition debris, industrial
waste, and municipal solid waste combustor ash may be accepted until January 1, 2001, at a
permitted area where disposal of such waste is allowed, if the area where the waste is deposited
is at least 50 feet from the fill boundary of the area where mixed municipal solid waste was
History: 1994 c 639 art 1 s 2; 1997 c 7 art 1 s 33; 1998 c 306 s 1; 1999 c 231 s 133

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Revisor of Statutes