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CHAPTER 62L. Small employer insurance reform

Table of Sections
Section Headnote
62L.01 Citation.
62L.02 Definitions.
62L.03 Availability of coverage.
62L.04 Compliance requirements.
62L.045 Associations.
62L.05 Small employer plan benefits.
62L.055 [MS 2002 Expired, 1999 c 181 s 4]
62L.056 Small employer flexible benefits plans.
62L.06 Disclosure of underwriting rating practices.
62L.07 Small employer requirements.
62L.08 Restrictions relating to premium rates.
62L.081 Phase-in.
62L.09 Cessation of small employer business.
62L.10 Supervision by commissioner.
62L.11 Penalties and enforcement.
62L.12 Prohibited practices.
62L.13 Reinsurance association.
62L.14 Board of directors.
62L.15 Members.
62L.16 Administration of association.
62L.17 Participation in reinsurance association.
62L.18 Ceding of risk.
62L.19 Allowed reinsurance benefits.
62L.20 Transfer of risk.
62L.21 Reinsurance premiums.
62L.22 Assessments.
62L.23 Suspension of reinsurance operations; reactivation.

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Revisor of Statutes